Zombie Masks

Mask, or no Mask?  That is a tough decision that we have to make for  Halloween and other costume related holidays and events.  There are, of course, advantages and disadvantages either way.  Depending on the situation, you may want to be anonymous….in which case you would want to wear a mask.


If you do wear a mask, however, your face won’t show up in any photos or videos that may be taken, and even though you know that you are behind that fabulous mask, no one else will.  Masks are sometimes hot, especially those that cover the whole head.  That’s no problem if the weather is cool.  But if summer temperatures are still around in late October,  (which they sometimes are in the South and Southwest), then it could get a bit uncomfortable.

Most masks these days are much more realistic looking than those in the past.  With the latex material that most masks are made of, every gory detail of your mask can look very real. Your costume may come with a mask included, but you still, of course, have the choice not to use it with your costume, and do your own makeup and hairstyle.

As mentioned in the Halloween Safety post, when your mask arrives, try it on for size.  Be sure you have a full range of vision through the eye holes.  Masks are returnable for size, (or any other good reason), at Buy Costumes, so order early to make sure that everything fits and provides you with an incomparable zombie look for Halloween.  Place your order early so that you will have plenty of time to exchange your mask or costume before Halloween.


A few masks are displayed here that can be purchased at Buy Costumes.  If you need a zombie mask to complete your look this Halloween, just click on one of the images to get more detailed information and pricing.  As always, we only recommend Buy Costumes.

With a rock solid reputation and customer satisfaction rating, there is no better choice……online or offline!  Price and selection are always  the hallmark of Buy Costumes, the finest costume superstore anywhere.

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