This Halloween, Get A Zombie Costume!

Adult Zombie Costume

Superhero?  No thanks.  Movie star, politician?  Boring!  Halloween is about scary stuff like haunted houses, bats and spiders….anything creepy will do.

Zombie costumes have always been a favorite around Halloween.  They have gained more popularity recently with movies and the video game series “Resident Evil”, which is based on a story of a forsaken city full of zombies.  You and your kids can look as creepy as any Hollywood zombie with the right costume and make-up.

For 2009, the costumes and accessories are better than ever.   This Halloween, you can find some super- realistic looking zombie costumes and masks.  The prices are great too, considering all that you get.

To be a true zombie, you have to have the moves and the vocabulary down.  Always move slow!  Their bodies are falling apart, remember.  Most of them can’t seem to pick up their feet when they walk either, so don’t wear a good pair of shoes with your zombie costume.

As far as the vocabulary goes, it’s pretty simple.  Unghhuhgghuhmhhhhh,  brains….must eat brains,  uuunhngahuhhng!  BRAINS! BRAINS! BRAINS!  They prefer the frontal lobe of the brain, but they can’t say big words like frontal….so it’s just BRAINS!

Arms usually hang down in an awkward fashion, and motor skills just aren’t that good with zombies.  They also run into lots of things, but don’t get the idea that they are dumb!  Zombies are very crafty.  They can easily find a way to get inside a tightly locked building if they smell humans, (if their nose is still on their face).

Adult Coffin BrideZombie costumes vary in price and quality, so you want to make sure you get value for your hard earned money!  You will find the best values at Buy Costumes, the web’s most popular costume store!  Not only will you find the best quality, but ,Buy Costumes offers a 110% price guarantee.  Shop from home or work ,and stay out of the crowded, hectic retail stores!  Your transactions will be smoothly and securely handled, and you will have your zombie outfit at your door in a few days… or sooner if you want.  Quality, Price, and Satisfaction are what made Buy Costumes the hands-down favorite costume superstore.

Adult Zombie Doctor

Fresh out of the grave, the rotting corpse shuffled clumsily down the neighborhood street.  Hell was full, so he was sent back to join the ranks of the living dead!  He is driven by one thing only…his hunger for human flesh, especially the tasty organs like the brain or the heart.  You can shoot him, hack off an arm, knock him down, but he just keeps coming.  Relentlessly seeking BRAINS!!!!

Now I don’t  know about you, but that gave me nightmares when I was younger!   So now that I’m grown, of course I want to always dress up in a zombie costume for Halloween and give others nightmares.

Dressing up in costumes doesn’t have to be limited to Halloween. Throw a zombie theme party, I guarantee that kids and adults will have a blast! Some of the most creative uses for zombie costumes are civic or group zombie events to raise money for charity or other good causes, or maybe just for fun.

How about a fun, team building company outing? Check out the video of one city’s zombie kickball event!  Hilarious!

Halloween Safety

When you buy a costume online or at a costume store, always check the tags or labels to make sure the costume is made of flame resistant materials.  Since candlelit jack-o-lanterns are popular on Halloween, a flame resistant Halloween costume is important.  So you have some Halloween costume ideas for making your outfit?  Great!  But make sure you use flame resistant materials for your homemade costumes too.

Tripping and falling are the most common cause of Halloween Injuries.   Make sure that a costume has the proper length to avoid tripping over, or stepping on it.  The feet should be visible below the costume to be safe.

If you go with the ever popular zombie costume, the length should be just fine.  After all, the clothes are basically just regular clothes with pants or jeans on the bottom.

Visibility is also an issue with children on Halloween.  Make sure that they can see and be seen in their costume.  If a mask is worn, be sure the eye openings provide for good vision all around.  Children’s costumes aren’t always a light color.  Consider adding strips of reflective tape to the costume so that any approaching cars can easily spot them.  Carrying a flashlight is also a good idea.

Keep your Halloween safe by taking these precautions before going out trick or treating.

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